Learnings from Reforest Sri Lanka - Part 1

Posted: 2 years ago

Author: achala

Reforestation and Tree planting campaign learning outcomes series in Sri Lanka by Reforest Sri Lanka

The story 

Since 2015 we have been planting trees with the aim of Reforesting at least 50% of the island for conservation. Our efforts have been fully funded by individual and corporate donations and a very few donations by state agencies in the form of material. 

We began our work as a part of a postgraduate at University of Moratuwa and have never really paused. 

eight of us who founded reforest sri lanka and Dr Dilum Bandara our MBA in IT course coordinator

This is us returning from planting trees at the Sabaragamuwa University, Faculty of Agriculture premises in late 2015. 


1. To create back ground on how effective reforestation is

2. To list challenges faced in tree planting and forest growth

3. To identify a list of good practices

4. To act as a series of articles on different aspects of learnings through reforesting different parts of the island. 

5. To identify issues and solutions