BuildLk is a citizen initiative to sustainably develop a corruption free Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is currently developed in a way it would become an unsustainable island city.
Centralized cities & vast areas for nature key for sustainable development of Sri Lanka.

Small colonies, towns and villages increase capital and maintainance costs, increases chances of failures of public services, administration, infrastructure and logistics. It also destroys large areas of natural resources we must conserve for eco-systems services we all need to live a healthy and happy life.

Constitution preamble amendment

Preamble of the Constitution amended to include "Protection of the Environment" & to "Seek peace and never to see the horrors of War".


  1. Environmental Fundamental Rights entitles every citizen and organization to a clean and healthy environment, plentiful clean and free air, water and other natural eco-system services.
  2. The state to protect over 50% of the nation’s land area as forests for wildlife and sustenance of our natural resources which support combating climate change.
  3. To centralize human colonization to vertical cities, reducing infrastructure costs required otherwise to spread resources over vast distances, promoting a higher quality of life and sustainable development.
  4. A special committee chaired by the CEA and the Ministry of Environment, made up of civil society and ministerial officers called the ECFMDA committee (Environmental conservation first managed development action plan committee) to coordinate policy and action directives.
  5. ...