How to write an article on buildlk?

Posted: 2 years ago

Author: achala

How can articles on buildlk support the development of ideas and practice for a Sri Lanka free of corruption, genuinely working for the good of all citizens.

The story

Articles can also be identified as blogs on BuildLK. They create actionable knowledge repositories which would help onboard new citizen members who seek a corruption free national system. It will also act as a baseline document repository for selected articles to be amalgamated into a National System Wiki, a structured repository of work plans to strategically win and change political and unjust systems in Sri Lanka. 


Following provides overview of objectives of an article. 

1. Should be categorized. If a new category is necessary, please email us. 

2. Should have the following structure or or have a very good informational structure to promote clarity.

3. Be of importance to creating alternative political movements which stand against injustice, corruption, abuse of power, theft, war and conflict of interests. 

How to structure an article

Articles should have the following structure. 

1. A single sentence 'Title' which provides clarity into the articles theme and subject. 

2. 'The story' : a summary of the articles intent and content. 

3. 'Objectives' : a clear set of smart goals and objectives for the article to address

4. 'Action plan' (optional) : preferably tabulated work plan defining actions for seeking reform or addressing issues. 

5. 'Budget, time, material and resources' (optional): preferably tabulated segment of resources necessary for action plan.

5. 'Philosophical and Referential Justification  (optional): Outline of references and theory to justify content and intent.

6. Other segments as necessary : Develop your article to give it more meaning. 

7. End nodes

8. List of references: List related articles on buildlk and other references 

9. Adding SEO description, Keywords will help the content get better audiences. Using images and attractive writing styles, keeping content brief and simple as possible would help retain and gain reach. 

Contact us to start writing articles as a #buildlkmember. First step is to register and start pledging, rating organizations and learning more.