A citizen effort for a corruption free nation, working for the betterment of all citizens and other life who make Sri Lanka an unique place we call home

#BuildLk invites you to share positive and negative experiences which our volunteers can forward to relavant authorities and even parliament. We must be active citizens to replace an unjust system.
Justice, equality, peace, meritocracy, responsibility, independant... If you too believe in these values then make the pledge and stand with others like you for what you believe in.
As a nation we have failed to value add the most valuable natural resources we have, and silently opted to export them. In return we import most necessities which are a must to locally valueadd for us to develop and pay our hard working citizens dividents of our natural heritage. While our services sector lead by ICT professionals and business have taken great initiatives on their own to develop the nation, valueadded Agriclture and Mineral industries etc have failed to do so. Learn how...
Centralized colonization and cities are vital for us to conserve natural eco-systems that provide us free, clean, healthy living conditions. In a climate change impacted world, being identified within the top of most climate risk indices successively we must have long term, conservation first development plans. With a relatively small population we are yet capable to transform our beautiful island to an actual paradise unlike any other with happy, content, and rich peoples.

Beta launch - expect considerable updates soon ~ Team #buildlk

A citizen driven initiative to rebuild Sri Lanka - we waited for 73 years, now it's upto us.